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She tells Theodore that he’s special and irreplaceable but, from her perspective of omniscience, everything is special and irreplaceable—there to learn from and overcome. collectively and simultaneously withdraw from Los Angeles, like some touring band that’s come to wreak havoc and break hearts before moving on to bluer skies.Eight thousand three hundred and sixteen: that’s the number of other people that she’s talking to at the same time that she talks to Theodore. It’s a good twist: humans who have given all their attention to their devices find that they can’t hold their devices’ attention in return.

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Spike Jonze’s new movie “Her” opens in the Los Angeles office of lonely, sensitive Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), Letter Writer 612, a romantic who writes copy for a company called Beautiful Handwritten Letters. 1, an operating system that promises artificial intelligence. Samantha is potentially all-knowing but also brand-new to the world. She has a personality, or, at least, she’s getting one.

From his airy workspace, sheltered by red and pink colored screens, he speaks words of love and longing into a tiny microphone, and the scrawl appears before him. Twombly.) At the end of the work day, his phone—a small screen encased in maroon fabric that he carries, eyehole out, in his breast pocket, attached to him by a white, wireless earbud—reads him e-mails and tells him the latest news in a robotic male voice, a less likable Siri. The other thing she gets is Theodore—they click like he hasn’t with anyone, not even with his neuroscientist ex-wife (Rooney Mara).

During the financial crisis, he made a video that featured Kanye West and Jay Z customizing/destroying a very expensive car and then driving it around in circles under a giant American flag, all the while bragging about their wealth.

He’s built a career on filming the body, and now, in his first original screenplay—the first feature he’s made that is wholly and completely a Spike Jonze production—one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood is present only in her breathy tones.

A source tells Star: They walked around chatting, went to a pizza joint for lunch and took the subway.