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Storch contributed to mostly forget Philadelphia’s area efforts such as Schoolly D’s ‘Welcome to America’ (1994) and ‘G. His humble contributions ended up being his path to success.The Roots released an album entitled ‘Organix’ (1993) which led to a major label deal for the Roots. Storch later found himself co-producing the lead single to ‘Xzibit’s ‘Restless’ album, “X”.Storch completed a stint in rehab and attempted to rebuild his career with artists like Chris Brown.

Scott Spencer Storch is an American record producer from Philadelphia.

Storch is mostly known from the professional music career he made in 1991 when he became one of the members of ‘The Roots’.

Storch was mostly raised in South Florida and Philadelphia.

He is the son of Phil Storch and Joyce Yolanda Storch, and his parents later divorced in 1983.

Scott Storch net worth: Scott Storch is an American hip-hop music producer who has a net worth of $100,000.