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He served as the post-game analyst on the commercial telecasts of the New York Yankees on WWOR-TV and is a host in's multimedia department.

He is a regular contributor to the anthology shows on MLB Network.

He also hosts the Sunday morning radio program Ed Randall's Talking Baseball, which airs on New York's WFAN-Radio and "Remember When" nationally on Sirius/XM Radio's MLB Network Radio channel on Saturday mornings.

“Absolutely not,” Snow says when asked directly whether she and Rendell are having an affair. And if I had a nickel for everybody who told me that, I wouldn’t have to come to my job.” Rendell himself responds directly to rumors that he’s been telling people Snow is “the love of my life” and his “soulmate.” “Do you think I would ever use the words ‘soulmate’ or ‘love of my life? Blogosphere fingers pointed at Rendell for a couple of days.

Ed Randall is a longtime New York radio and TV personality and published author.

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