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Though the thought of it excites her, she said she had “no idea who would be part of it” when her TV dad Stephen Collins (Rev.

Eric Camden), who confessed to child molestation a few years back, was mentioned.

(They live in California and own property in Colorado; it was where her husband proposed in 2005.)“When working on the house and buying materials, we researched, researched, and did more research,” she says.

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Clearly, there are benefits to being a famous actress.

Mitchell blogged about her pregnancy for ‘s Celebrity Babies site, and Target teamed up with her to host one of her baby showers.

“More often than not, I do not need it and will talk myself out of buying it,” she adds.

This is a trick she learned from her mother, Sharon, when Mitchell was growing up in Arcadia, California.

But beyond the little screen, Mitchell, 32, is starring in perhaps the most important role she has ever assumed—mother to daughter Kenzie Lynne.