Who is alanis morissette dating now

Tracking down the star’s Malibu estate, Morissette marched up to the entrance, buzzed the intercom and announced, ‘Olivia? But if you can, I’m going to be big like you someday.’ Such precocious behaviour may have bemused onlookers, but it was a prophecy Morissette would fulfil just 12 years later.

The release of her album in 1995 made her one of the biggest music stars overnight.

The seven-time Grammy award winner shared the joyful news in a stirring black and white photo on Instagram with the caption, "So much NEWness." She's referring not only to her growing family, but to new music, which she hinted at since she's recording in the shot.

In addition, Morissette has a musical, Though this is certainly a happy moment, Morissette has been open about her struggles with postpartum depression in the past.

By the time of her visit to Newton-John’s house, she was already writing and composing her own songs.

One in particular, , she sent to Lindsay Morgan, who described it as ‘something really special’.

It was aged six when she saw the performance by Lindsay and Jacqui Morgan, then one of Canada’s most popular folk duos, that her passion for performing was ignited.