Ps3 sexy chat - What its like dating a musician

There’s an art to being around enough to show you’re going out with someone and not in a mad Nancy Spungen, Courtney Love possessive kind of way, and it’s an art you never really master without at some point crying in the toilets while someone else bangs on the door and says “Nothing’s going on, I promise!”There are only so many times you can share their gigs as Facebook events and subtly play their music for friends before you realise it’s a bit much, now.You are no longer a star-struck fan but a part of their friend circle because you are dating their fellow musician. You might have always wanted a partner who would woo you by singing melodious songs and what better than hearing songs that are written by your own partner.

You can pretty much track your relationship with a musician over the course of their shows, and where you stand at them.

At first you’re enthusiastic, infatuated, enjoying the music and standing in the front row but strategically not singing along to song because god that would be a bit much.

Nobody ever realises how intense it is, by the way, listening to acoustic music in a very empty room. “Nah, it’s shit.” “No honestly, I really, really like it”.

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By the end, you have heard all these songs done to death, and there’s always beer in your hair, and you didn’t even get your name on the “guestlist” at the door so had to pay a fiver to get in here.