Updating the database Chatrandom ukraine

fcgi), you can create a file named Gemfile.local at the root of your redmine directory.

It will be loaded automatically when running `bundle install`. Run the following command from your new Redmine root directory: If you're upgrading from Redmine 2.x or below, remove the following file if it exists: Alternatively, you can store this secret in config/secrets.yml: 8.

Depending on your use case there are various ways to reduce the amount of data imported. As a result some parts of the boundary may be missing which means that cannot compute the areas for some administrative areas.

Don't forget to re-run `bundle install` when you change config/for using other database adapters.

If you need to load some gems that are not required by Redmine core (eg.

Also, make sure you follow the instructions here again if you only copied your Redmine.pm, and update your Apache configuration as the recommended configuration has changed.

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The Nominatim server can be customized via the file for a full list. With this setting enabled, node coordinates are stored in a simple file instead of the database. Add to your Replace the second part with a suitable path on your system and make sure the directory exists. Wikipedia can be used as an optional auxiliary data source to help indicate the importance of osm features.