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It is happening on my Work Computer Ubuntu 10.10 (I am not sure what version of OO I am using there) and my home computer Mac OS 10.6.5 OO version 3.2. If you're merging with output to a document, you must answer "NO" to the "Update all links? The links in the merge output are left over from the "synchronize labels" feature. I'm sure it's something simple I'm miss understanding, and I truly appreciate all the help and support! At that point, you should get a dialog window asking "... " If you don't see that prompt, then something is wrong with your starting merge document.One caveat I am noticing though is that the records progress in the first label of each page but the rest of the labels reflect data from the first record. I created a merged document with all of your data and saved it as a file. They cause the content in the first label to also appear in all the other labels on the sheet, so if you answer "YES", then every label on the sheet will display the same merged data as the first. If you click "YES", then you get a new dialog window that allows you to configure the merge. " I get to the next page to configure the merge, then i go to save instead of print.This was the main reason for me using openoffice in the first place. Once I created the Data fields in Open Office with the English and Arabic mix of labels I created a label page. I only inputted text fields that needed to be in each label. I copied this information and then when to Microsoft Word Label Wizard. simply hover over the buttons and it will tell you which is which. You can print or save just the same, but it when you print it will only let you print 1 or all of the documents for some strange reason. I found if you save as a pdf you can print which ever pages you would like.

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I pasted this information in the address information box as soon as you open Microsoft Word Label Wizard. I adjusted the font, and there is a button that indicates label entire page or one by one. This stuff is easy for you, however if someone like me has this same problem overseas at least they can follow suit.

5167 is a return mailing label so the template is set to copy everything you place in a cell to all the others.

I've got a user with these labels that wants to use them differently, different data on each label.

I've poked around in Word a little, but I don't see how the data is being copied so I don't know how to turn it off.

You can then enter your address label information into the Address field at the top of the window and click the Print button when you are done.

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