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Since you can't list more than one table in the Oracle UPDATE statement, you can use the Oracle EXISTS clause.

Hello, I'm very new to Oracle Application Express and PL SQL.

That's usually what stored procedures are for: to implement several SQL statements in a sequence.

In recent times I have seen a developer writing a cursor to update a table. We want to update the value from Table2 to Table1 for the rows where Col1 is 21 and 31.

When asked the reason was he had no idea how to use multiple tables with the help of the JOIN clause in the UPDATE statement. Additionally, we want to update the values of Col2 and Col3 only.

Order ID = 1002; UPDATE Books INNER JOIN Orders ON Books.

Using rollbacks, you can ensure that they are treated as one unit of work, ie either they are all executed or none of them are, to keep data consistent.

I"m working on an input form to track meter information.