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For example, in the foreign exchange market, spot is normally two banking days forward for the currency pair traded. Standard settlement dates are calculated from the spot date.

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If you’ve dated or been in a relationship with a narcissistic woman, it can be an extremely taxing and traumatic experience.

Because of the manipulative tendencies and lack of empathy that comes with a narcissistic personality disorder, the pain one feels as a result of that relationship can continue long after the relationship has ended.

A narcissist will take credit for your work, condescend and demean you, and will become combative if you ever so much as tread into a territory that makes them feel like you are challenging their authority. Being proud of her work is not a sure sign of narcissism.

Think about conversations you’ve had about her work. In fact, it’s a good thing if she takes pride in what she does.

A narcissist is the WORST (and I mean the absolute WORST) boss you would ever want to have. Or, if you can’t recall any boss that you think of fondly, think of a good teacher you had.