Teenage relationship and dating

They want to pair up, at least for a while, to experience what a more serious involvement is like.

At this juncture, it can be helpful if parents can provide some guidelines for evaluating the "goodness" of a relationship.

Significant dating most commonly begins in late adolescence, ages 15 - 18, during the high school years.

" For example, "Does the other person accept my disagreement without criticizing me or pushing to change my mind?

"Fourth: "Do I like how the other person treats himself or herself in the relationship?

" -- The Anger question: "Do you both express and respond to an offense or violation so you can talk it out and work it out, not act it out?

" -- The Equity question: "Do you both evenly share so neither one does most of the giving or getting?

Respect is how the relationship is conducted in a sensitive manner.