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Additionally, other smaller Sudanese groups who have also been Arabized, or partially Arabized, but retain a separate, non-Arab identity, include the Nubians, Copts, and Beja.

While most Sudanese Arabs speak some form of Sudanese Arabic, some other Arab tribes speak different Arabic dialects like the Awadia and Fadnia tribes and the Bani Hassan, Al-Ashraf and Rashaida who speak Hejazi Arabic.

Many males in the cities and larger towns manage to pray five times a day: at dawn, noon, midafternoon, sundown, and evening.

The well-to-do perform little work during Ramadan, and many businesses close or operate on reduced schedules.

Sudanese Arabs, especially those who are wealthy, are expected by their coreligionists to be generous.

In accordance with Islamic law most Sudanese Muslims do not eat pork.

The Fazara group, as is known in Arab genealogy, are of the Adnani arabs.