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(Handout provided by County Recorder, O'Brien County) In 1911, Sheldon again tried to get the county seat.

Sheldon had several advantages in size and services but is on the northwest county border.

There was a $1000 reward posted for anyone finding mineable coal reserves. There is an abandoned rock quarry a mile SSE of Primghar which was donated by the Tjossem family to Primghar in 1989 and is now known as Tjossem Park, a fishing area and public picnic/camp ground. Corn reached $1.63 per bushel; oats, $.80 per bushel and hogs, $0.17 per pound. In the depression years similar figures were: corn 9 cents at its worst; oats 5 cents; hogs 2 cents a pound. Combines and corn pickers replaced the cooperative threshing crews and hand corn picking.

Post World War I the crops were corn of the open pollinated type (not hybrid). Farm sizes began growing in order to pay for the new, expensive machinery.

The track and track materials were removed during 1985.