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Anyway, we were pretty good friends before that (I was one of the few people she talked about certain things to) but for the past couple of months, I can only remember one time where our conversations have been longer than four consecutive sentences.It’s like she’s avoiding me, as whenever we talk (I’ve been trying to start conversations again online), she ends every attempted conversation very abruptly (she says brb and doesn’t say anything after that).Since I am 13, my parents are starting to ask me the question “What do you want to be when you grow up? I would never know how to answer the question so I would always reply with an “I don’t know.” Both of them, especially my mother, want me to be a doctor or a lawyer. So I should pursue something that I’m interested in right? I’m so curious and I want to try everything out and see what I like before I can give a clear concrete answer to my parents daily question. However my biggest fear is finding something I love and not having my family’s support… I understand I’m young and I have my whole life ahead of me (unless we die at 2012, haha.) but even so, I want to find something that I’m good at. (If three years from now you still don’t have the slightest idea what interests you, come back and we’ll talk!

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As for how to confront her, be totally direct and TOTALLY casual.

No whining, no attacking; just call out the elephant in the room, like, “Hey, I can’t help noticing that you’ve been avoiding me since I asked you out that one time.

You know better than me whether that’s likely (does he seem interested? ), but it’s something to keep in mind in the event that you try to pursue him and feel like you’re coming up against a brick wall. It hasn’t happened to me, but one of my friends is currently in that situation. Let me just start off by saying that at my junior prom, I ended up wearing the same dress as the freakin PROM QUEEN. the friends you’ll be hanging out with for most of the evening and taking photos with, etc) know what your dress looks like, and vice versa, so you can avoid getting the same gown. But anyway, as far as dates go, I think you should steal the date of one of the nasty girls who’s betting you won’t find one. (Sort of.) But really, sure, see if your out-of-town friend wants to make good on his promise—not because of the bet, but because you said you’d love to go with him.

And if it’s really important to you, shop at a specialty shop that maintains a registry of which girls from which schools have purchased a given dress, so nobody ends up wearing the same thing. That should be your deciding factor; get a date or don’t, but whatever you choose, make sure it’s about you want to do and who you think you’ll have fun with, not a stupid bet made by a bunch of mouth-breathers.

Auntie, Prom is in a few months, and “everyone” (a lot of people in my group of friends/people who dislike me, I guess) have a bet that I won’t have a date to prom. I’ve flirted my tailbone off, and he seems to be totally oblivious to everything.