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Doesnt really matter for a dick though about what size it is attached to, its not gonna have to fit inside its own body. I'm 9"x6.5", and I've been with a woman who was 4'9" take it balls deep (and enjoyed being pounded for hours), and a woman 6' tall who could only take half wincing all the way.

My current gf is 6cm shorter than the one before her and she can take about 9cm less so I know it varies alot. Every woman is different (much to my surprise at the time!

I had sex with a girl who is 5', and she could take about 7.5 inches without too much pain.

My current gf who is 5'7 can take it all but only after a long warmup.

The vagina’s ability to stretch (seemingly) isn’t similar to that of a penis, because the stretching has to occur within the woman’s pelvis, whereas a penis’ size expands Of course its mostly individual but I would be surprised if there were as many 140cm girls who could take 9 inches as there is 185cm girls. Should be more potential to fit if the vagina is large enough.