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Katherine Heigl starred in two short-lived series after leaving her role as Dr.

Izzie Stevens on "Grey's." She played a CIA officer on NBC's "State of Affairs" before taking on the role of an attorney in CBS's "Doubt."Kate Walsh left "Grey's"to star in the spinoff "Private Practice" (2007-13), where she continued to play Dr. She was most recently seen in the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why."Isaiah Washington, who starred in the first three seasons of the show as Dr.

Young stuck with the cover story until she died and refused to speak to her daughter for three years after she revealed the truth in a 1994 memoir." data-id=""5.

Loretta Young adopts her own biological daughter • Date: 1935 • Actress Loretta Young became pregnant after an affair with Clark Gable, who was married at the time.

Death of producer Thomas Ince • Date: 1924 •  Thomas Ince was a guest on newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst's yacht, but he left supposedly due to a stomach ailment. Rumors swirled that Hearst found out his mistress was cheating on him with Charlie Chaplin and he intended to shoot Chaplin but hit Ince instead. " data-id=""2.