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If your pen pal lived on the other side of the world, it would take weeks for the correspondence to go back and forth.

Friends exchanged letters, pictures, and other miscellaneous items or "tuck-ins" including: One of the oldest pen pals for kids' clubs dates back to the 1930s.

Free penpal websites for kids are becoming fewer and fewer, but there are still a handful of kids penpals websites online.

Some penpal websites for kids that used to be free are now charging a yearly fee, but you don’t have to pay to find online penpals and friends.

EPals is a teacher-supervised, online group connects classrooms globally through the Internet.

Besides letter-writing, students share and exchange classroom projects.

Parents, educators and other adults who are allowing their students and children to have pen pals -- both online or offline -- should enforce these safety tips: The age-old art of letter writing is still alive and well with pen pals for kids.