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Now that the k is k I’ll have to work it extra hard. If I was married and she know would it make it any different? SHLD has broken its major downtrend and a lot of positive buzz has been on the stock from a billionaire buying up 5% of the stock just recently.

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You might ask why am I buying another park if my first park has gone to shit and I’m not profiting yet?

Well I’m pretty ambitious so I don’t let one park bring me down. I believe in it, the people helping me, and fixing it up to rent fully. I was once a young man that would run away from this type of situation, now I’m going to go head on and fix it so I will suceed.

I should of NOT bought Put options knowing that there was a “rumor” that the payroll report was going to be higher then expected which is bullish. I find it interesting that the women that I call bottom feeders just like men that prey on easier women flock to me.

I must be radiating off “desperate nerdy fumes” because some how I get myself into uncomfortable situations.

You know how you are married or dating and suddenly all these beautiful women/men suddenly appear, but you are locked in a relationship. The new property manager has been a big help and I hope he can handle it.