Old vh1 dating shows

But when it comes to Hip Hop’s history with reality shows, it’s been a more delicate dance.In some ways, Hollywood went Hip Hop — and in others, Hip Hop (and, to a lesser extent, Love) went Hollywood.Below are VH1’s cast descriptions: Zac Diles is “a former professional football player and has since suited up for a new type of game: real estate.

Andrew’s professional and personal life soon collide as romantic rumors with another real estate agent begin to arise.

Will the swirling affair rumors around the engaged ‘golden boy of real estate’ bring him down?

Seeing her potential, veteran agent Erik Miles has taken Ajani on as an apprentice at his own agency.

The stakes are high as Ajani learns to put her money where her mouth is, which jeopardizes Erik’s A-list clientele.” Taylor Schwartz is “a rookie agent.

Working under Tai’s wing, Taylor begins to wonder if the “grass is greener” when fellow real estate competitor Andrew Clinkscale offers her a position.” Andrew Clinkscale is “a top agent at one of Beverly Hills’ most prestigious real estate agencies. He grew up through the foster care system and was homeless twice in his life.