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It has become a common piece of military jargon that means far more in that tiny acronym than the sum of its original parts. The need to say things quickly is a product of the fast pace of war, and as with most things, the military took it to the extreme.

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Pogey bait is all that yummy junk food like chips, cookies, candy, or whatever it takes to bribe POGs on deployment to get you the shit you need to make your life easier.

Trading a candy bar for that shiny new gear is far more acceptable than bringing nothing to the salty old Supply Sergeant and ending up with something that has been in use since the Revolutionary War.

My dad and uncle grew up in the business in the 1950s and 1960s, and my cousin David and I grew up in the business in the 1980s and 1990s. While is definitely easier to remember and easier to type, I wanted to make sure that our loyal customers knew that nothing would change except for our name.

We survived the Great Depression, Poppy Sol going off to WWII, our warehouse burning down, and our store being bulldozed twice. In early October, we decided to stop debating and officially change our name and URL to in January 2012.

For you ladies out there, do yourself a favor and take your own sacks of Pogey Bait and Texan Pogey Bait to keep you safe, so you aren’t lured in by the siren sounds of those POGs suffering from DSD (Deployment Sexual Deprivation).