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Bonus points if you're actually a dog." Especially because we disconnected my Instagram, she wanted me to mention things about myself. There's a technique I borrow from Hinge: two truths and a lie.

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For my first photo, she chose one of me posing on a garden bench, smiling in a grey sweater and jeans.

"My goal when you’re talking to someone on Tinder is for them to swipe right on you," she said.

"I’m not having you eating a burrito with food hanging out of your mouth in any of the pictures, which I see all the time and I have no idea why people do that.

I want to show that you have personality and that you’re approachable and engaging."Then we moved on to my bio, which Golden thought was funny, but not personal enough.

She analyzed my Tinder profile and let me know what aspects were working in my favor, and what elements could be improved.