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my computer keeps updating and restarting-32

Users have reported that after changing the faulty CPU or power supply, the issue was resolved.

Remember, if your computer is under warranty, it might be better than you take it to the repair shop and ask them to check it for you.

To do that, follow these steps: Solution 3 – Uninstall your antivirus If you’re having random restarts, this can be caused by your antivirus software.

Users have reported that Kaspersky antivirus is sometimes the cause for a random restart on Windows 10, so if you’re using Kaspersky antivirus, you might want to temporarily uninstall it or upgrade it to a newer version.

Here’s how to use it to scan for memory errors in Windows 10: Solution 11 – Disable ”Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” option Most of the Windows 10 issues are plain and simple to address, but that’s not the case for critical errors like the random restart is.