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An Account from 1882 Orange is beautifully situated among the hills of Franklin Co., Mass., on the Vermont and Massachusetts Rail Road, about ten miles from the Connecticut River.

It is a thrifty and prosperous village of about 4,000 inhabitants, lying on both sides of Miller's River.

Interchangeable Needles: 206x13 - Boye 2 1/2 - Schmetz - Free CC - Brewer T New Home AN, NH, NLH Key features: Gear drive rotary machine, a descendant of the Free line. Hand wheels available for treadle or electric models.

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The Poosac Tunnel Line runs directly through the village, offering special advantages for transportation.

Very low rates of freight can be obtained to all points.

The Company have in the past year more than doubled their manufacturing capacity and are now turning out over 350 machines per day, giving employment to 600 men. New Home Old Style Made by Johnson, Clark before name change to New Home Sewing Machine Co. Lily of the Valley or Meadow Weeds decals with 'New Home' bed decal.

Interchangeable Needles: 20x1 - Boye 4 - Schmetz - Free BB - Brewer G - Torrington R - European 712 The vast majority of New Home machines have the serial number on a Slide Plate.

Different belt guards for treadle and electric models.