Mom daughter dating site

I've always considered my mother an attractive woman, but since the old man split about 5 years ago she has let herself go a bit, adding about 20 extra pounds and starting to show the effects of living until 52. She looked good to me though, and I had long harbored fantasies about her. I was curious, but not that curious, so I forgot about it. Within an hour I signed up for the stupid dating service. The one I was attached to for way too long wasn't anything like yours.

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So just for the heck of it I send my Mom, or rather Luke Warm Mama, a message.

I told her I thought she was hot and asked her if she had seen my ad.

He doesn't contact me much, only on birthdays on stuff like that, because he's too busy with the bimbo he left Mom for, so my allegiance is with her.

Still, seeing a picture of your mother at this sleazy site, and reading how she's willing to do anybody under 25 is unsettling. This is all new to me, and you're only the second guy to contact me so far.

I am VERY open minded and never liked to use the word 'no'." "Mom," I said softly to the picture on the computer screen.