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We can mitigate the impact of this by manually pottying them (which we do a few times a day), and by doing physical therapy to build up their strength and coordination.

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In 1940, Reich built boxes called orgone accumulators to concentrate atmospheric orgone energy.

Reich said orgone was the "primordial cosmic energy", blue in color, which he claimed was omnipresent and responsible for such things as weather, the color of the sky, gravity, the formation of galaxies, and the biological expressions of emotion and sexuality.

The Powerpuff Girls have extremely severe cases – on a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 10. This doesn’t impact their comfort level or mood in the slightest.

They are the happiest kittens and purr the second you touch them.

We will be getting them spayed this month and will continue working with them, and the hope is to get them all adopted.