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So I would say that he ran the set as if we were in the Norwegian army - which, as you can imagine, might be a little scary.I had asked the actors about the atmosphere on set, and how Lars Klevberg was able to set up a proper horror headspace for their performances.

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Little intimidating

“This is potentially a problem not only because it repels others, but also because it doesn’t give them the opportunity to contribute and feel valued.” It’s true that if one person is dominating a team, the other members will become less invested, feeling as if their contributions don’t matter or won’t be acknowledged.

“What is critical,” says Traeger, “is that others have the opportunity to struggle, learn and grow.”.

, it’s clear how much they enjoyed working on the film.

After all, they did get the opportunity to try and scare the hell out of each other whenever cameras weren’t rolling.

He was so much fun to work with, and you trust his vision.