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If you’d rather focus on something other than complicated diagnosis, the game is cool with it. Developer/publisher Oxymoron Games expects Project Hospital to release sometime this year.

Conversely, if you like your healthcare a bit outlandish, Two Point Hospital is your avenue.

Want to conjure a tropical utopia, an envy of the world?

Want to aggressively put a leash on your own populace because screw democracy at this point? It’s your nation – do as you see fit, unless said populace starts turning on you because pineapple isn’t sustainable nutrition and they’re constantly overlorded by imposing military towers. Kalypso has tasked Limbic Entertainment (Might & Magic series) with developing Tropico 6, shifting away from Haemimont Games, who led Tropico 3-5.

A particularly cool feature is the ability to collaborate with other players in research projects (details are vague on that one, but still) and compete with them in multiplayer challenges.