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Have a conversation about both of you and tell her you’re really happy to have known her. Go back to stroking her fingers or play with her hair.

And just as you say that, turn towards her and softly place a quick kiss on her cheek and smile. And while you’re keeping your hands busy, keep talking about something that’s flirty or even sensual.

I wish I could say I was wise about it, but the ignorance of junior high continued, and therefore I was driven more by emotions and desires.

You got this far, but maybe you’ll have better luck the next time around.

[Read: A first kiss story gone wrong] If she blushes or comes closer to you, kiss her on her lips. Don’t break the sexual tension by moving away after the first kiss. If she likes you and wants to kiss you back, she’s definitely going to make a move and kiss you back.

If you want to know how to kiss a girl on a first date, read how to make out with a girl on a date.

How to get a girl to kiss you Girls almost never initiate the first kiss.

Some coed friends and I were playing spin the bottle and it eventually landed on my “crush.” After we kissed, I couldn't sleep that night. I had definitely “awakened love before its time.” Which wasn’t smart, because there was no way it could end well.