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Series 1, Episode 11 G CC HD CC SD With his high-price "escort" girlfriend on his arm, Pierce pressures Jeff into asking Dean Pelton's airhead secretary to double date at the college's STD Fair.

Series 1, Episode 13 G CC HD CC SD Returning for a new semester determined to be more fun, Jeff accepts an invitation to be the editor of the school paper as he and his friends try to fend off an interloper who wants to join their study group.

As sarcastic as you’d want, when asked about his dream casting for Jeff’s dad, Mc Hale said, “Anyone from the original Dream Team of the Olympics would be great. If anybody can pull it off, it would be Ken Jeong who is a living genius, so we’ll see…” As to how the study group is perceived at Greendale, “Wow, they must think we’re like a really attractive and insane girlfriend. But the Dean’s still the Dean and he’s ruined the school multiple times.

Why are these people always in the middle of everything? Truly ruined it.” Gillian Jacobs () The banter was in full effect when asked what class the study group would be taking together in season four.

Series 1, Episode 18 G CC HD CC SD As the college's Family Day lands Jeff in the middle of an affair with Pierce's sexy ex-stepdaughter, Shirley's unruly sons help liberate Abed's Afghani cousin while Britta looks to befriend Troy's cranky grandmother.