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This is one of the most historic cities on the planet which makes for a great place to visit.

We do expect most of our readers to be foreign men since we are writing in English.

Go to Taksim square, walk down Istiklal and the side streets, check a few places out. not so problem with bars/caf├ęs/pubs in turkey in general are that there are just too many damn chairs/sofas!

In many of these places, you'll find women more or less approachable. on top of that, add the general hive mentality..have tight groups sitting together around a table behaving like a fucking castle moat. I'm a married American so I'm not in the game but I've seen American friends have success here.

so the only options remain to catch chicks are the route to WCs or along the bar-plot.remember before the starbucks like coffee franchise explosion we had really crappy coffee places?