Is natalie nunn dating taylor from love games

Natalie Nunn is a reality show star who starred in the Bad Girls Club.She also participated in Love Games and Bag Girls All Star Battle. They started dating in the same year and got married after a year in 2012. Natalie defended her husband and said that it was a false call.

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It was said that he met a fellow star and had some intimate time with him and another guy.

Natalie confirmed that the guy in the picture near Jacob was not his boyfriend and he just wanted to take a picture with him.

“I wanted her so bad for the last four years,” Nunn exclaimed. ” Natalie went on to dote on her daughter in a separate post on Instagram.

“When I finally knew I was having her, it was the biggest blessing of my life! “April 16th, 2017 am, Journey Ruth Payne 7pounds 19 inch,” the celebrity mom wrote online.

After struggling for several years, she finally landed in Bad Girls Club.