Intimidating and threatening boss

I met with HR and the boss' boss yesterday and they made it perfectly clear that I had to agree that the workplace did not rise to a "hostile" work environment.

intimidating and threatening boss-1

Even if they hadn’t been fired, he says, no one should be expected to go to work when they fear for their lives, where “this kind of conduct is allowed.” Ackland has denied the duo's claims.

He said he only wanted Allred to collect the debts through “legal means,” he hadn’t suggested Rinehart withhold workers’ pay, and that she had “no genuine or reasonable fear for her safety.” He also countersued, accusing Rinehart of stealing from the company by failing to clock out for lunch or make appropriate deductions from her payroll.

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is exhausting to be considered “intimidating” from the minute you walk in a room.

My boss is intimidating and has been retaliating against me after I brought up a communication issue to HR.

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