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One week after we met, I proposed to her on the phone, and she accepted.A week after that, she came to Houston to meet my kids, and they loved her from the start. And, we have been married for 19 years, and it has been a great 19 years. But looking back, none of the others would have worked out. Was supposed to get married in September, but after 8 years our differing views on religion became an issue she couldn’t get past.I have met a few women online since the first of the year and am surprised at how up front they are about their wishes and wants and holy hell do they like to send pictures to make a guy blush....

She had been telling herself it would get better once we were married and “right” in God’s eyes but me not being a believer just was a no-go in the end.

We are still close friends but it can’t work now for her reasons and mine.

Oil is now showing up on the engine below the AC with residue blown down the right side of the bike.

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