Icarly freddie and carly dating episode

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In the episode ISaw Him First Sam fight with Carly for Shane's heart4.

In IKiss Sam say she kissed a boy named Buddy in a port-a-potty5. They are not currently dating buut if you go to and search ICARLY cast on dating rumors it will tell you a bunch of information.

Carly falls in love with Freddie for saving her life. Freddie, Sam and Carly must hold a Speed Dating session when they are overwhelmed with boys that wanna take Carly to the upcoming dance. - Contributions&target=ip: ID1499820468 I hope so too but someone said Carly and Freddie kiss :( BUT they're doing this so Carly gets a date to the dance, so maybe Freddie will take Sam...? -JDepp Love456 I think they do but Freddie and sam might get together while Carly gets it might be the other way around?

I'm really not if Carly and Freddie DO get together,it might be the last episode because people always do that! in season 3 in the episode i Think they kissed Carly finds out that Sam and Freddie kiss.

They then devise a coded SOS message and get it to Gibby, who's doing home repairs for Spencer in exchange for setting up a camp in the loft.