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She recently became a calendar model with the debut of her own calendar in early 2007. Steetlight-Tatianna Milson; Janae Woodman; Hydra Turner; Veronica Tyler Put It On Ya-Tiffany Foxx Want It Need It-Denyce Lawton(as herself) Yes, he poses for photobucket. You can go to: babies; he is the baby on the floor playing with something or you will see her cousin holding him, the caption is called "Johnson and baby Johnson" Yeah Plies love to have sex!

He says that the best girl he gets sex from is Shay Johnson.

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I usually use My MP3Pool which is quite good but US focused. My MP3Pool does show user ratings, so you can filter search results to only show tracks with 3 stars and above. Back in the day we had to wade through shit in a record shop, listening on wank headphones with a shitty needle. DJCity is best for current hiphop and mainstream electronic.

I might go back to DJ City but don't want to spend £60 on it (for 3 months) if it's no good. Their catalog only goes as far back as maybe the last 2 years. When I first started building out my library I used DMS (Direct Music Service).

Shay Johnson, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, is most famous for her reality TV debuts on The Flavor of Love 2 and Flavor of Love: Charm School. Shawty- Gemma Kane; Rashonda Wayne; Tila Jameson Hypnotized- We have no idea!

She has also been seen in many hip hop music videos by well known rappers in the Atlanta area. she is the mother of 1 year old Nijier Lanier Washington. I just know Shay because she's the only one that I like. But the girl with the hat is supposed to play Shay "Buckeey" Johnson. Bust It Baby pt 2-Georgia Smith; Shondra Rutherford Please Excuse My Hands-nada! is im next cherish is a r&b girl group adn they made songs like killa, amensia, and unappreciated. Their names are fallon and felisha are twins 20, neosha, farrah king, shay Johnson was just a friend, so they used her voice. They have 2 albums which is Unappreciated released in 2007 and The Truth released in 2008.

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