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As the young black couples swirl in their black tuxes and white gowns, Kenya realizes what she needs and retrieves her own splash of white to the party outfitted in a too-small borrowed suit in the color Kenya once abhorred - red.

"Something New" is presented with some style and imagination, but at its core it's the same old story.

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The hardworking, pretty, intelligent, well-to-do daughter of a prominent doctor (Earl Billings) and his social snob wife (Alfre Woodard) is too good to be true. She just bought a nice house in desperate need of landscaping and Brian is the ideal man for the job.

But, a hidden bit of bigotry wells up from inside her when she meets her blind date, Brian. Brian’s honesty, kindness (he, of course, owns a big, cuddly dog named Max), dedication to his work, down to earth nature (he drives a beat up old pickup) and sensitivity begins Kenya’s change of heart and a romance ensues.

But while "Something New" is visually creative, the story is just romantic comedy cliche with a dollop of racial relevance.

Even worse, Kenya is such a joyless creature it requires singular suspension of disbelief to accept that Brian Kelly (Simon Baker, "The Ring Two," "Land of the Dead"), the white landscape architect, would stick around.

Brian tells Kenya 'I take hard earth and make things bloom,' and obviously he's determined to do the same with her, but once Kenya 'lets go with the flow' the relationship travels a rocky road within Kenya's circle of friends and family. There's the successful professional who has to learn that work isn't everything versus the dreamer who's followed a happier path.