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French internet dating flinders petrie dating system

So if you want a French girl of old try Morocco, Algeria (I like the Arab French mix) or Quebec or other parts of Europe that are not as ‘free’.

In fact in Quebec they use an archaic form of French in some ways, they refer to car as carriage. I remember reading a book, ‘Peasants into Frenchmen’ by Eugen Weber and it gives you an idea how diverse these people really are.

I believe it is the interaction of culture and free will that determines a persons social behaviors.

If I were to describe French culture in a nutshell it is humanistic, socialistic on a macro level and soft-spoken on a personal level.

Since this post is not about a specificity to meet girls in places like Paris, Lyons, Orléans‎ or Marseille, rather a strategy guide for picking up French women, for love of course. Are the words you want to look for on French dating sites.