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Flit tucked the items under her arm and looked up at Scraps, barely able to contain the tears of confusion.

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It was something she did when she was angry, and she didn't even realise she was doing it most of the time; teleporting was as natural to her as blinking."Scraps, I really don't want to do this. I need you."The frown that Scraps gave her was equal parts frustration, confusion and anger."I still don't understand why someone else can't go.

Surely there are others just as qualified as you," he said, tone pleading."Well there are others, but there is one main problem," Flit said, "You know how I can live on the surface? Is there some kind of technology you use whilst on the surface?

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When they arrived at his room he finally broke."I'm sorry Flit, I know you must think I was cold back there but I had to say that to get Acumen off our back.