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Without healthy, functioning families, a culture cannot survive.

God created marriage as the unity of one man and one woman. are attempting to twist the law to change the definition of marriage and the family to include same-sex "marriage," polygamy, polyamory, and other structures.

This has been both the legal and traditional understanding of a marriage – literally – for millennia, since Eden. These groups scoff at the idea that there is any fixed or known set of values or beliefs that is generally good for families or culture.

We should fight against numerous attacks on marriage and family values, including efforts to: • Allow children unlimited access to pornography over the Internet in public libraries • Allow those engaging in homosexual behavior to have preference to adopt children and be foster parents • Allow those engaging in homosexual behavior to serve openly in the military • Expose children to explicit sex education materials contrary to parental approval • Deny parents the right to raise their children before God as they see fit Thank you Mr. I have twice read your statement on the deterioration of family values and it's about the best one I've ever seen.

There has been a trend where a mother was not home to take care of her children, monitor their behavior, help with the homework and discipline when and where necessary.

The advancement in technology has harmed family values.

Rabbi Becher served in the IDF, has answered thousands of questions on Askthe Rabbi and presents a Talmud class on the Jewish Broadcasting Service.