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The Kapuso Network intended "Dwarfina" to air in 2011 to introduce to the televiewers their new shows for the New Year.Here is a little something about Dwarfina's plot: and misadventures of Dwarfina—a girl born with one tiny abnormality—her size.The start of the series didn't start "happy," as suugested by the title.

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Later, Happy had a change of heart after Juan defended her from riding-in-tandem criminals.

The two eventually went on a date to know more about each other.

Annabelle Rama seemed to have some strong influence with the GMA Network's big wigs, that's why when Dwarfina's airing was postponed, many people assumed that the Kapuso Network intended to do that to punish Heart Evangelista and give Annabelle Rama a favor.

But now that it's a 100% sure that "Dwarfina" will air this January, those rumors were definitely not true.

The scene was followed by a flashback showing how they met each other.