Dating someone with mob mafia connections

Valli, 70, is small, dapper and tanned, with an expansive showbiz-veteran manner.

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"I see whole families in the audience," says Valli.

"That just knocks me out."Steven Spielberg put it best.

You didn't usually write something for a voice with that strong a falsetto.

He's not a Brian Wilson or a Smokey Robinson, so you can't have a soft rhythm track and the supporting voices have to be stronger. It's the main difference between us and the Beach Boys - our records have more punch."The baby boomers who go to see Jersey Boys often return bringing their kids.

For those too young to recall, it is hard to convey how huge the Four Seasons were when they first emerged from New Jersey in 1963 - between the end of rock and roll's first flush and the "invasion" of America by British groups.