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Most of them didn’t even realize the battle that was happening at the front. I had the phone propped, hidden on the side and was telling cross streets to my hijacker. ,’ is an example of what I would say, but honestly, I don’t remember much. Then, at my vulnerable moment, here is my son’s father. He took me to his favorite bar, and we drank too much. It’s the moment I was so unhappy, that my son’s energy level was low.

I do remember praying to God that he protect the children on board. I was declining into a deeper depression and he felt it.

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He was a Christian and seemed sweet, with a beautiful daughter. He went to church on Sundays and worshiped God but every other day he was spewing hate, self- loathing and caring more about playing the bass in his hard-core band. I started to see he would completely ignore my son and his daughter when he didn’t feel be was being ‘talked to’ or ‘treated correctly.’ He would say we meant the world to him, but in reality, we all only meant the world to him if we were exactly as picture-perfect as he wanted us to be.

I trusted him because he was a worship leader and seemed to have strong family values. He often lead me in the opposite direction of my faith. I had just spent years pulling myself together from my bitter, angry, and sad mindset, and felt myself falling into a depression again. He proposed to me in front of a large crowd in a sushi restaurant in Hollywood on February 1, 2019. The ring was perfect, the proposal was perfect – but my heart wasn’t.

He has a drinking problem that he won’t admit to and says he has under control but I know why he drinks because he has opened up to me like maybe five times ever since we started dating. He may end up alone with his car and his money for company and he is ok with that.

He doesn’t want to get married Actually let me get to the point of it all, this guy keeps telling me that he’ll never get married, that he would rather be alone, just him and his car and his money. He knows where to go for emotional support and will offer a small portion of support in return. For the last two years he has been in a relationship with a girl who complains a bit, but hey, she is still with him!

A man came on my bus threatening to kill everyone – including myself – if I didn’t follow his orders. I honestly think I was afraid to offend him – I don’t know. My parents love me, but the last thing I wanted to do was go tell my dad I was pregnant. Now I am no weak woman, but I was afraid of what he could do to take my child away from me. He only shut me down and made me feel bad for needing my husband to comfort me. The moment I realized it was time to get out of this home wasn’t when I had to take a shot of hard liquor to even be remotely interested in being physical with my husband.