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According to this explanation two Slavic tribes named after the animals used this combination to name the river which later in turn provided the name for a settlement.

There is not believed to be any scientific support for this explanation.

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Owing to the Voronezh Admiralty Wharf, for a short time, Voronezh became the largest city of South Russia and the economic center of a large and fertile region.

In 1711, it was made the seat of the Azov Governorate, which eventually morphed into the Voronezh Governorate.

Its population in 2016 was estimated to be 1,032,895; The first chronicle references to the word "Voronezh" are dated 1177, when the Ryazan prince Yaropolk, having lost the battle, fled "to Voronozh" and there was moving "from hail into hail." Modern data of archeology and history interpret Voronezh as a geographical region, which included the Voronezh river (tributary of the Don) and a number of settlements.

In the lower reaches of the river, an unique Slavic town-planning complex of the 8th – early 11th century was discovered, which covered the territory of the present city of Voronezh and its environs (about 42 km long, about 13 forts and many unfortified villages).

This fleet, the first ever built in Russia, included the first Russian ship of the line, Goto Predestinatsia.