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Another heroic figure was Albert Bedane who managed to hide three Russians and one Jewish woman.

The punishment for concealing a Jew was execution but despite the stress the concealment must have caused Albert he succeeded in keeping his guests undetected for the duration of the occupation, saving their lives.

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Similarly in Guernsey, where Victor Carey was bailiff, the British government didn't know "whether to hang him or knight him so mired in controversy was his tenure of office".

Nettles mounts a robust defence of many of the island rulers arguing that they offered "wise and resourceful leadership" in an unprecedented situation.

Nettles notes how the Dame of Sark, Sybil Hathaway, invited the invading German officers round for a lobster dinner.

In the immediate aftermath of the war when the British government investigated all claims of collaboration with the Nazis in the Channel Islands, they immediately pointed to this as evidence of fraternisation, of collaboration.

Those who couldn't leave or had nowhere to go braced themselves to await the enemy.

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    A director of Oxford Authentication® Ltd, Doreen Stoneham has been conducting authenticity tests since 1970, originally with the Research Laboratory for Archaeology at Oxford University, which pioneered the TL testing process.