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At the end of each week, the couples come back together for a love locket ceremony, during which they can choose to get back together or to stay single.If both partners want to get back with each other, they can leave the show and become a couple again.

The TV presenters explained that they drew on their own life experiences – or, as Joel joked, from "boning a lot of people" – to help with their roles as cupids and moral supporters."We've both been around the block, we've experienced all kinds of relationships and dating, and so it makes sense to have someone on hand to guide these people who has experienced a lot of it," Atack told Digital Spy.

"Basically, we've become very wise by boning a lot of people," Dommett added.

But if one person in a couple wants to stay single, they each have to return to their apartments.

Despite its slightly savage nature, Atack reaffirmed that the show should be a positive experience, because while break-ups are horrible, the singletons will have her, Joel and fellow single people around them to build them up and encourage them to go on dates and get out in the world – which can be life-affirming and offer perspective.

Megan was totally dressed to impress at the bash in Shoreditch, wearing a form-fitting leopard print satin jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.