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While many people in France do speak English, many don’t feel confident enough in their language skills to chat up someone they might be interested in.

If language is an issue, a good way to sift out people who speak like you is by adding your spoken languages into your bio.

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And it’s not uncommon to discover that two or three of your coworkers have a history and maintained a professional relationship during and after their flings.

If you feel like you’re mature enough to handle it, go for it.

It didn’t take long for me to learn there was something called “geographic desirability” — and it was often the only compatibility factor that really mattered. Sure, the sprawl limited the awkward run-ins, but it was also lonely. I became too busy to notice what wasn’t happening, because of all the things that were.

When one Santa Monica man found out I lived on the Eastside, he said, “We might as well live in different states. ”Not having a traditional job commute meant I was initially unaware of the problem traffic posed for one’s social life. The year I moved here, I went out with more than 100 men and learned my way around the city, including all the good parking lots to cry in. I moved out of Echo Park and sublet a beautiful bungalow near the Silver Lake Reservoir, replete with citrus trees and a hot tub in the backyard.

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    If you don’t use filters, you will get pages and pages of women that are too many to search through to get to the hottest ones.

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    Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?

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    Within each are tons of performers, all with their own specialties, interests and sexual proclivities.

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    Next, as you begin to explore these various chat room environments, and yes, there are some very good and legitimate chat rooms and web sites out there, make sure you realize there are many many more "bad ones". Don't just assume because someone places a label on it, it is automatically going to be just what you envision it to be.