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For one thing, there's no sense of what's appropriate dinnertime conversation. We have to reel ourselves back sometimes." As daunting as medical school has been, they know residency will be far tougher. "Things will get harder and we'll be more sleep-deprived.It's really great we have each other as a resource." Class of 2016 graduates Kevin Kane and Shalini Dixit.

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The 27-year-old Orinda native entered medical school in 2011, but graduated in the same class as Kane, who grew up in Riverside County, because she took a gap year. We've gone through school together and applied for residencies together.

She'll be staying at UCSF for her residency, and he'll be heading down to Stanford University. "It's wonderful to date someone in med school," Dixit said. It's nice to be starting a new chapter with someone." That chapter will be challenging as Dixit will be moving to the Dogpatch neighborhood, close to her new base at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, while Kane will be in Redwood City.

Shalini Dixit recalled her first date with Kevin Kane.

He took her to the Local Edition, a downtown upscale cocktail bar.

Fortunately, no student has to travel it alone," said Talmadge King, MD, in his welcome at the School of Medicine commencement on May 15 at Davies Symphony Hall.