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Like dealing with his ex-wife saga, with kids that may never consider her as their legit guardian, your innocent actions, such as scolding the kids can be interpreted as hate, and if you have your own kids, there could be intra-family competition between them, which can foster bitterness, this trend can also be seen in polygamous family.The only exception I can think of, that a woman should go for single dad is if his wife is deceased, and/or if she is a single mum herself since they both share similar realities and the match both starts at 1:1.

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Dating too soon can not only make it harder for a child to accept, but it can also be a bad start to a new relationship.

Single fathers should not try to fill the void of a past relationship.

Rather than becoming angry at children for having a difficult time adapting to the situation, it is important to give them time for acceptance.

Before bringing a new woman into the situation, single fathers should talk to their children about the prospect of dating beforehand. Addressing any concerns that the child has about their father dating again is also important.

When all the parties involved are mature & sane, it can work. Nobody wants to be harassed & stalked by someone's crazy ex.