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I'm going to make a quick, harsh, and candid post here before going to bed, in spite of having just originally set up to write out a paragraph: I don't date because:1.I've yet to meet the physical and social standards I want to have before I start.2.

It doesn't bother me much though, as I have more important things to be working on right now. Also, as a side note, the name "igeneration" sucks. My relationship with my now wife evolved out of a long term friendship.

The same thing happened with my only other previous serious relationship. In that case my dating experiences are really great love dating.

Arranged marriages might be something to consider for our societies. So the purpose of Xiangqin is actually the opposite of the purpose of arranged marriages in the Middle East.

In the Middle East without enforced Sharia people will naturally have casual sex (which Arabs in the West do have). Without parents introducing gals to guys sometimes guys and gals don't ever get coupled.

If I crave momentary human interactions beyond them, I can always go to a bar or a nightclub, dance with a stranger, and then return home. Dating, relationships, and even sex are at an all time low in the developed world.