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There are many, MANY native women almost in every community that are available, pretty, and good people.

But then again, more of a chance he'll be stuck living near the family unless he's renting somewhere and can move after finding his soulmate. It is not just difficult to find good partners from the Philippines, it is also hard to find them any other place.

Honestly it was the worst looking gun Ive ever paid for BUT after running the slide a couple times and pulling the trigger I realized that this thing maybe a fast pony after all and the bore is shinny with crisp landings and groves. ) (based on the 18 in the serial) and it was built in factory 216 (got that information from the book).

No wobble in the slide and the trigger is smooth and feels lighter than my old Yugo. So my type 84, which is a factory 26...they get their own set of serial numbers..did they draw from regular supply when they made them? Can anyone tell me more about it based on the photo below?

Some of us like me had such a difficult time of it that we ended up only finding on the other side of the world.